沙巴体育APP致力于尊重和保护患者和家属的权利. We strive to provide care sensitive to culture, 比赛, 宗教, 性别, 性, 性别认同, 性取向, 婚姻状况, 残疾, 源的付款, 和国家的起源.




  • 获得与你的年龄、文化和个人价值观和需求相适应的安全和尊重的护理.
  • 被给予不受虐待或忽视的关怀,支持尊重、尊严和舒适.
  • Be given treatment in an emergency, whether or not you can pay.
  • Transfer safely to another facility that agrees to treat you.
  • 得到不受歧视的照顾.
  • Be given care that supports special needs to the best of our ability; this may include a wheelchair- accessible bathroom or an interpreter.
  • Have your religious and spiritual needs supported.
  • Be given access to protective and 宣传服务 if you need them.

Information about care and care providers


  • 选择一个可用的医疗保健提供者为您提供护理和治疗,除非在紧急情况下.
  • 充分了解您或您的孩子的健康状况,以便做出有关护理的知情决定.
  • Know the name and specialty of those providing care to you or your child.
  • 询问医院或卫生保健提供者与其他卫生保健机构或教育机构的关系,以及这与您的护理有何关系.
  • 选择不接受护理, except if the situation presents risk to your or your child’s health or wellbeing; the hospital will take action and may engage the Department of Children and Families according to hospital policies and laws.
  • 不检查, 观察到的, or treated by students without affecting your treatment from the care team.
  • 让我们告诉某人(比如家人或你的医生)你已经住院了吗.



  • 安全和合理的隐私.
  • Keep your medical records and communications confidential, and receive guidelines on how we use or share health information.
  • 在合理的时间内查看你的医疗记录或收到副本.
  • Get a copy of the hospital’s privacy policies.
  • Choose not to be listed in our directory to keep your hospital stay private.
  • Refuse any requests for help with fundraising or marketing activities.


  • You have the right to decide who may visit you or your child. 你也可以限制访客. 探访时间在中午12点之间.m. (中午)及晚上8时.m. Parents and guardians may visit at any time.
  • 如果您或探访者妨碍他人的权利或对患者构成安全风险,医院可能会限制或限制探访, 工作人员, 或医院.
  • Visitor limitations may be required based on patient needs, 你或你的家人的需要, or the needs of nearby 病人 in your unit/area.
  • During a state of emergency or an emergency situation, the hospital may need to restrict visitor access for the safety of our 病人, 家庭, 和工作人员.

健康信息 & 计费

You have the right to ask for and get:

  • A bill or statement of charges and explanation of costs.
  • Information about financial help and free health care
  • 要求更正您的机密健康信息,如果您认为该信息不正确.

Decision-making and being part of the care team


  • 在你住院期间和当你计划离开医院时,成为一个积极和知情的护理团队成员.
  • Be given information in a way that meets your needs.
  • Be given a clear explanation of the results of any
  • Ask for a copy of any hospital rules that 病人 和家庭 must follow.
  • 在马萨诸塞州法律允许的范围内选择一个医疗保健代理(为你做医疗保健决定的人), if you can’t make decisions for yourself.
  • Get information about special services, 就像医保代理一样, 监护, 宣传服务, 和保护服务.
  • 你对自己护理的选择(包括器官捐赠和临终决定)是否符合法律和/或医院的能力.
  • 在出院后(当你回家时)获得或通知可以帮助你的资源.
  • Consult another specialist (seek a second opinion) at your own expense.
  • 如果你患有任何形式的乳腺癌,你是否知道所有医学上合适的替代治疗方法.



  • 对推荐的程序、干预或治疗作出知情和自愿的决定.
  • 除了紧急情况, 是否有机会与执行该程序的主要提供者讨论, 干预, or treatment an explanation that includes anticipated benefits, 潜在的风险, and available alternatives before signing the consent form.



  • 获取任何影响你或你的孩子的护理或治疗的研究或教育项目的信息.
  • Be given care with or without participation in research projects.
  • 拒绝作为研究对象.
  • 拒绝任何以教育或信息为主要目的而非治疗目的的护理或检查.



  • 好好照顾你的疼痛.



  • 在最短的时间内接受最少的限制,以保护你, 游客, 和员工免受伤害. 波士顿儿童’s is committed to reducing the use of restraints.


Female rape victims (who can have children) have the right to:

  • 获得关于紧急避孕以及如何获得咨询和其他帮助的书面信息.
  • 如果你要求提供紧急避孕药(如事后避孕药).


波士顿儿童’s is committed to providing the safest care possible. If you see something that doesn’t make sense, 或者如果有什么事让你担心, please speak with any member of your care team. Never be afraid to raise a concern or ask questions.

We want to hear from you if you are not satisfied with your care. These are the ways in which you can share your concerns or file a complaint:

  • Talk to a 波士顿儿童’s nursing or department manager
  • Contact a member of 波士顿儿童’s 病人 Relations staff
    • 星期一到星期五,上午8:30.m. 四点半p.m.:叫
    • 四点半后p.m. 或在周末和节假日:通过页面操作员联系护理管理员(NAOC)
    • 通讯地址:患者关系部
      朗伍德大道300号BCH 3238

Formal grievance (complaint or concern)

您也有权口头或书面向波士顿儿童患者关系中心提出正式的申诉或投诉. All grievances will be reviewed in a timely manner.

  1. 把你的不满口头或书面提交给波士顿儿童病人关系.
  2. 我们将在收到后与您联系,并就您的关注提供书面答复, 这将包括:
    • 医院联络人的名字
    • Internal process for reviewing the complaint
    • 概述我们审查的结果
    • 完成日期操作

Grievances about privacy and confidentiality

For any questions or concerns regarding the privacy of patient information, please send an email to the BCH Privacy Officer by contacting:




Massachusetts Department of Public Health
如果你是一个病人, 消费者, 或他们的代表, please send the Consumer/Resident/病人 Complaint Form, along with any necessary HIPAA forms (available at the site above) to:
Advocacy Office, 病人 Protection Unit
You can contact this office by 电话: or 1- (24 hours a day)

Massachusetts 精神健康科
Please fill out a 精神健康科 (DMH) Complaint Form (http://www.Quality.gov /Services细节/投诉表格),并邮寄至:

At www.jointcommission.org, 使用本网站首页“行动中心”内的“报告病人安全事件”连结.
传真至 .
By mail to: The Office of 质量 and 患者安全 (OQPS), 联合委员会, 一个文艺复兴时期的大道, lisle的露台, 伊利诺斯州60181.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid 服务
Visit the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid 服务’ (CMS) website: http://www.cms.gov/About-CMS/Agency-Information/ContactCMS/index.html

If you believe your civil rights have not been honored, you may contact:

U.S. 卫生部 & 人类服务
南独立大道200号.W. 华盛顿特区.C. 20201
运输大亨数量:1 -
网站: www.美国卫生和公众服务部.gov / ocr /办公室/索引.html


You are a valued partner on the care team. While at 波士顿儿童’s, we ask that you:

  • Share information about your or your child’s health. 包括病史, 症状, 治疗, medicines taken and any other information that could affect the treatment plan.
  • 请与我们分享您希望如何参与您或您的孩子的护理,如果您不理解护理计划,请向我们提问, 任何决定, 或者你的责任.
  • Follow the care plan and instructions given to you by the health care team.
  • Tell us if you are not able to follow the care plan.
  • 如果你不满意你的护理或在医院的任何其他经验,请告诉我们.
  • Respect the rights of other 病人, 家庭, and hospital staff. 例如:在说话或使用音乐/视频设备时,要考虑到噪音水平. Do not talk about or repeat information about other 病人 or 家庭.
  • 行动和说话都要表现出对护理团队的相互关心和尊重, 其他病人及家属, 或者游客. Actions and language that are intimidating, 虐待, 否则不尊重是不能容忍的,可能会影响你去医院.
  • Support efforts to improve health equity, 多样性, 以及我们员工的包容性, 病人, 和家庭. 不恰当的行为, 不尊敬的, 或歧视是不允许的,可能会导致对服务的访问受限, 转移到另一个设施, 或放电.
  • 一般来说,要尽可能安静地尊重和支持照顾所有患者和家属.
  • Understand that 波士顿儿童’s is a smoke-free campus. If you smoke, you’ll need to leave the hospital grounds.
  • You are responsible for your or your child’s belongings when in the hospital. Please leave anything that you do not need at home.
  • 准备好承担你或你的孩子照顾过程中出现的任何经济责任, consistent with 波士顿儿童’s credit and collection policy.


Download a copy of 患者和家庭权利